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Dark City is a great movie. It stars Rufus Sewell, and Jennifer Connelly. It starts off with John Murdoch (Sewell) waking up in a bathtub in a strange hotel. He cant remember how he got there, and he can't remember who put him there. In fact, he can't remember a lot of things about himself. His childhood, his job, or even his home.As he gets up from the bathtub, he tries to piece together where he is, and how he got there.

He makes his way to the mirror to check out his face, and he finds a small red stream of blood from his forehead. He finds his clothes on the toilet, gets dressed and make his way out of the bathroom. As he's walking around, he spots a girl's feet sticking out from behind the bed. He walks over, and just as he comes around the corner, he finds a poor girl, with spirals carved into her chest.

He becomes aware of the fact that the city isn't completely true, when he finds out the mystery behind Shell Beach. He finds all the memories he has from the resort, however, nobody can recall exactly how to get to there. That's when he starts to become suspicious in the fact that Shell Beach may not exist, and that's when he thinks that something is wrong.

As John Murdoch tries to escape from the police, and tries to piece together his past and present, along the way he discovers the secrets of the city, and the stories behind the puzzles. He becomes familiar with the strangers, and he learns about their 'tuning' the city.

As he goes further into his journey through Dark City, he finds that he has the ability to fight back against the strangers putting him to sleep with the rest of the town. The strangers then seek to fight back John, and try to take his tuning ability away.

Dark City is mainly a story about a man's survival in trying to find his identity, and trying to save himself from crisis. He tries to piece together all the pieces of the city, and tries to reveal the past, informing others along the way...